The Arrival of The Pip Box!

As promised in my first post about this subscription box, now that I’ve received it and had some time to play around with it I’m ready to fill you in on all the important bits!

So first things first, Packaging.

The look of the box was Simple & Bright with their featured logo, exactly as described in the last post. To be fair this is perfect for what they are doing, it says exactly who they are, keeps the products safe and its environmentally friendly as its made from recyclable cardboard.

Now for the exciting bit, What’s inside! Well as it’s their very first month you’d expect them to go all out ‘Wouldn’t you?’………….

Let’s look at each product together and I’ll tell you what I think.

Bloomtown Botanicals – mini soap bar


These little bars of handcrafted soap are made in small batches and are all free from palm oil, animal products, wheat, sulphates, SLS’s, parabens. Synthetic colours and detergents. They are made from plant oils and butters which means they can wash away oil, makeup and dirt without leaving your skin tight or dry. Now I think I’ve touched on this previously that my skin in sensitive and we are talking ‘look at soap’  and I’m totally breaking out in massive hives!

I’ve been using the soap for over a week or so and it hasn’t cracked or dried my skin out, it feels luxurious and smells delicious. I also love the fact that each bar has its own vibrant colour and personalised scent.

RRP: £1.40

Next is the Akamuti Green Clay Mask


I can only describe this as a little pot of magic! Ok so I’m a sucker for anything natural and skin related especially if it tells me it’s going to clean my pores and draw out all the nasties lurking within… but at the same time I also am very particular about what I put on my face! So, like any good mum and product reviewer I always have a trusty volunteer to test it on first, in this case it was my 13year old son, who like me is very sensitive in the skin area. With him being a teenager he has skin that needs to be ‘deep cleaned’ every couple of weeks to keep him looking good. This mask was great, it applied easily and didn’t have a strong smell to it which is something that will always put me off especially with facial products. My son loved it, I did notice a difference in the look and texture of his skin in that it was softer and had a sheen that wasn’t there before. I think with a good few tries of this his skin would be clear of all the little pores. There is also the massive plus point that this is also a vegan friendly mask which I think is fantastic.

RRP: £2.00

 Now I’m moving onto Saturated Colour and their Lip Vinyl Liquid Lipstick


I got the shade Frisky Fuchsia which is a vibrant deep pink colour and I absolutely loved it! First because it’s the kind of colour I would go out and pick for myself and secondly it a hybrid between a lipstick and a gloss which I love too. For me this is the perfect combination because you get the creamy consistency of the lipstick but the moisturising effect of the gloss. You could obviously worry that it might be thick and gloopy also but it’s not, they have managed to get it just right. The applicator is great too for getting just the right amount on and not being too big to carve the shape of your lips. This brand is also Vegan friendly which is amazing and is 100% cruelty free.

RRP: £7.00

Now we have the two products from PHB Ethical Beauty and I’m going to start with the Black Mascara.


Now first things first, yes, it’s won lots of awards from Green Parenting Beauty & recommended by Vogue, Glamour & Natural Health Magazine but to be honest that’s not going to sway my review either way. For me Mascara is like Underwear, you don’t leave home without it and you wouldn’t just buy any old pair. There are things to take into consideration, It’s a process. I will start with the packaging, It’s nice, clean, bright white recyclable cardboard. The mascara itself is nice and simple which again I like. It’s a sleek, clear bottle so you can see your product which is always great. You can then know exactly when you’re running out and need to replace it. The wand itself was a worry for me initially, when I first took it out to test I thought there was no way I was going to like it let alone be able to apply it properly as it was so thick and large too. Much to my surprise I love this product, the bristles of the brush get into and coat every little eyelash individually making them look thicker and longer. I have used this practically every day since my box arrived and I’m only loving it more as time goes by. I should also say that it’s got a gentle water resistant formula an enriched with botanical oils to help aid growth and strength. This mascara is also Vegan friendly.

Nearly Black Eyeliner


This eyeliner is enriched with plant oils and waxes giving it a lovely buttery texture when you use it on your skin. Because of this plant based formula its kinder to the eyes and even proven to be ok for the most supersensitive eyes that water easily. The colour is Nearly Black and that’s definitely true, it’s not your blackest black but I don’t’ mind that, especially not for a day to day eyeliner. It blends out easily and has good staying power from morning until night.

This eyeliner has also won awards for Best NATURAL Eyeliner Gold Award at the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards.

RRP: £24.70 (for both items together)

 If you are still pondering on if it’s for you or not then here’s a few things I can tell you for sure,

All the items in the box for February and the contents add up to roughly £35 and that will be standard going forward. There will be at least three full sized items included each month with a donation from every box sold going to a charity. This charity was Cruelty Free International and the donation made was 50p per box sold. I also loved the exclusive codes included for the products, like the mascara for example I now have a code for 40% off when I’m ready to buy my replacement. I am happy with my box and looking forward to seeing what will be in my next one. There is something nice about getting this little gift to yourself every month that’s a complete surprise and at the same time you’re being kind to the environment and giving to charity. So did they go all out? I am more than happy with the quality and contents of my box and for a first time I think they have hit the mark for me between product, quality and discount but you can decide for yourself.

This review and post was not sponsored in an way.

*** Feature Image showing Frisky Fuchsia Lip Gloss and PHB Ethical Black Mascara

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