Ok so I love Makeup and I love a deal, and as you well know I’m all about cruelty free, so when I’m casually browsing through my latest Vogue magazine, and I see the Ad for a new Subscription Beauty Box called “Beauty Pie”, obviously I’m drawn instantly by the name, I mean come on, It’s my two favourite things in the world – except my husband & kids of course…

So what makes this one different from all the other monthly boxes? And more importantly, what are the key selling points for my husband?..

Their concept couldn’t be more different, in fact its unique here in the UK right now. With the others, you’ll generally sign up to get a box with a pre-loaded selection of products monthly, with Beauty Pie this isn’t the case, you’re in control, you select what you want, when you want it and if you don’t spend your full allowance the remainder rolls over to next month. Brilliant.

If all this isn’t enough It is cruelty free and some of their products are even Vegan- just check the labels. Their packaging is made from totally recyclable products, right down to the ink!

So how does it work?

If you’re like me you’ll be looking for a catch, there isn’t one it’s simple.

You can choose from two membership options – Monthly at £10 or yearly £120, neither prices include shipping & handling. Now both options give you mostly the same perks with one exception, the yearly subscription gives you a nice gift. This is a Beauty Pie nylon makeup bag containing £90 worth (retail) of editor’s favourites! 

Lastly there’s also gift card options of 3months, 6months or 1year which is a great idea if you want to treat your friend, sisters or even Mums…

Now here comes the interesting bit, so far, I’ve talked about Retail value and the reason for this is that if you join this Exclusive club then you get to buy at ‘Membership’ prices which I just love the idea of. It’s kind of like your part of that ‘in’ crowd.

Ok so now we are in ladies, and with membership signed and sealed your account has been credited with its £100 retail value for you to spend; but remember your buying your makeup at wholesale prices, and if this wasn’t exciting enough you’ll find for the first order you get an additional £50 added as a bonus!

You now have £150 retail in your account so let’s start shopping…

I decided I was going to concentrate on my Base Products, as I wanted to be able to create as full a look as possible, and well to be honest I was basically well into £300 in my basket within 5 minutes of browsing!

After hours of heartache and downsizing my basket I finally narrowed it down to:


1.     The bio infusion breathable primer in translucent, membership price £3.11

Firstly, I took the lid off this bottle and was so pleasantly surprised, the texture and smell was amazing. It was thick without being gloopy and sticky. It covered all the right imperfections and disappeared into my skin. This is where I would just like to say I have extremely sensitive skin, Like I walk down the soap isle in Tesco and I break out, That’s how sensitive.  I would and will use this primer with my other foundations to see what kind of results I get but so far I’m well impressed with this one.


2.     Secondly, I chose the Everyday Great Skin Foundation in Fair Ivory 001, membership price £5.06

Ok so I’m going to start with the bottle, because we all know this is important to us. I loved it! It doesn’t have a cap it’s just a pump top but you must twist it first to unlock before you can get any product out. One pump and your good. Again, the smell, I’m not sure what it is but its lovely and fresh. The consistency is almost like Too Faced – Born this way and It just glides onto your skin. My only issue is that I should maybe have bought the next shade up.


3.     Thirdly One Powder Wonder in Uberlescent Universal, membership price £3.68

Where do I even start with this one, it’s almost a hybrid of Laura Mercier Translucent and Secret Brightening powder all wrapped up into one beautiful wee black compact. It has this amazing soft, almost butter like texture that just disappears into the skin as soon as it hits it, now I’m 38 years old so I’m not going to lie I have a couple of lines here and there, Wisdom lines of course! But this does not accentuate them in fact it hides them, even filled them but without Baking them. There’s also this sparkle, a light glow from it that makes your skin just dance when it hits the light, I love it. This one is a definite keeper for me I’m wearing it all the time.


4.     Fourth item in my basket was the Incrediblur Concealer in Fair 100, membership price £3.02

This was a good match for me, I don’t tend to need a lot of concealer, I’m quite lucky in that regard but I did have a gruesome fight with some Blackhead Tweezer’s (that’s another blog post to come!) recently. This has meant that my nose has needed covering more and this did the job perfectly, it’s not too thick, it blends well and the colour was a perfect match.


5.     Fifth item in my basket was Smart Powder Blush in shade Daydreamer, membership price £2.51

This is a gorgeous pink colour with almost peach undertones and it was perfect for my fair skin. I didn’t have to put a lot on my brush as there was so much pigment coming off it. Then it blended like a dream without being cakey or difficult. I definitely will be purchasing more of the blushers.


6.     Last product in the basket was the Superglazy Lipgloss in Super Hotty, Membership price £2.16

Ok so I had already fallen in love with this before it arrived, I decided I loved the colour as Its one I’d go for, but I wasn’t prepared for the quality. It is somewhere between a lipstick and a lipgloss. When you take the applicator out to apply it at first

it looks sticky and kind of gloopy, I wasn’t very hopeful to be honest about how it was going to go on but I was really surprised. It feels kind of thick as you start to apply it, but then as it starts to warm on your lips it spreads nicely and glides across you lips well. I got great coverage with a good coat without stickiness. I wore this out and applied it once before I left, I didn’t feel the need to apply it again and when I got home nearly 4hours later I had a nice pink stain left on my lips. Perfect.

I have posted images of me wearing all the above products and I have created my first video review below so you can find out more, with the only exception being my eyes and cheekbone highlight. I’ve used the sleek palette on my eyes to highlight and Eyeko liner, brow and Mascara products. This is only because I ran out of credit, otherwise I would have carried on filling my basket, so roll on February when my wee allowance starts all over again……… T 💋

Since having first written this review I have now been Kindly allowed by those amazing people at Beauty Pie to buy more products to film you a completed look, so you will now be seeing the photos and video of my completed tutorial and look, feel free to like, subscribe & comment.

T. x💋

If you want to join yourself follow this link: Beauty Pie

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