baremineralscomplexiongelcolourchartI could review any number of products today- Just between you and me, I’ve been stock piling for years!! But today the focus is on the new Complexion Rescue – Tinted Hydrating Gel. I have been testing the Vanilla shade of this gel for about 6weeks on and off as part of my foundation routine and I’ve definitely been impressed.

With it being a gel I wasn’t quite sure what

I was going to get but, I was nicely surprised. It spreads so nicely across the surface of your face without drying in too fast, I don’t know if it’s the same for you but some products literally touch my skin and it’s like my face just sucks them up! This gel doesn’t you get a good amount of time to spread it around, get it to where it need to go and then it just blends into your skin seamlessly.

Another massive plus for me is that It doesn’t have any fragrance which I like as my skin is so sensitive.

Then there’s the fact that You only need a small amount for full face coverage, maybe a 5 pence piece sized amount and that’s being generous.

My next test was to give it a wee shot as a primer. I decided to try it out underneath my usual foundations, both powder and cream. Now I’ve done this with other products and its started out well until about 2 hours in and then you look like your 2year old has attacked you with your makeup bag! But to my surprise this was doing a great job even after a few hours. Overall I was happy with the results.

It acted just like a good quality primer, my foundation didn’t go cakey and it seemed to last all day.

If I was to try and find negatives it’d just be that I needed a much deeper colour, yes, I know that the Vanilla shade is perfect for my skin tone/undertones but it’s just too light for any kind of coverage and like any woman I need a little coverage.

On the plus side, there are sixteen shades so you could buy a couple light/dark and mix your own. They do have a shade match on the website, just a thought.

I would buy this again and would recommend it to anyone asking, it’s hydrating on the skin and has great staying power.

If your like me, whereby normally I only have to look at a new product and I break out into a rash! Yes, my skin is super sensitive, but this has not caused me one issue whatsoever and after a couple of weeks my skin feels soft and supple. I think yet again another great product from Bare Minerals………..💋 Tx

Price point £27.00 for 35ml of product at